The life and lies of Callum Stone

About my blog

I’m a recent Adventure Media graduate from the University of Cumbria and felt one of the best ways could get my creative works see by other people would be to get a blog on the go, so here it is! Please please do leave some kind of comment if what i’ve written or photographed has any kind of impact on you, it would be great to hear what you think of what I do. Also, any useful constructive criticism is accepted, however, that’s not an invitation for bitching.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, my main passions in photography lay around extreme sports and wildlife, but also spending a lot of time and effort in actually being able to get a shot, the journey there being an adventure in itself, not just what’s being captured in the shot. The journey is just as worthy to be captured as the shot you set out to take, so why not write about it? This blog is where you’ll find some writing relevant to my journeys, and some not so relevant, but either way i hope you enjoy it. Happy surfing :).

All photos, writing and videos are copyrighted to Callum Stone. If you would like to use anything from my blog, please contact me first through the Contact Me page.


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