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Get Up Go – Askham Fell

For our final media project for the University of Cumbria myself, Lauren Dean and Ali Keech worked together to produce a series of videos to promote the various adventure sports available throughout the Lake District. This one was shot at Askham Fell, featuring Bex Tatham, filmed by Ali and myself and edit by Ali.


What digging reveals.

I was having a hunt through my photography hard drive and discovered quite how much slips through the net when you’re looking for photos. After several months (or longer in some cases) of not seeing a set of photos, it’s amazing how much of a different light you might view some of them in. Photos you previously hadn’t liked or had thought weren’t suitable may suddenly jump out at you, or you may find some that need that extra touch up and then they’ll be ready. Either way, I found a few panoramics that for some reason I’ve never posted on my blog so thought it was best to pop them up here.

The shot above was taken whilst Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland in 2009 when we had a stunning bluebird day.


Black Glass

I’ve always been a white water kayaker, sea kayaking never really appealed to me that much until last summer. Then the bug bit. Although there’s certainly a journey element to white water kayaking, it’s more about getting whatever feature you’re on at the time right, and the adrenaline it gives. However with sea kayaking, it’s all of those small parts put together that make the journey so special. That’s what did it for me, when I finally discovered the pleasure and satisfaction in the journey. It’s been written and said a million and ones times in a variety of different ways by various lyrical florists, but  sometimes it needs to be said simply, and at the risk of pulling the biggest cliché in adventure media, it really is about the journey and not the destination.

With the abundance of flat water (even though there is only one true lake), sooner or later it was inevitable that I’d end up in a sea kayak getting some lake touring done in the Lake District. Being one of the most beautiful places in the UK, it makes sense to get out and about to get to see all it’s natural beauty from a view point many haven’t and won’t get to, whether it’s in the mountains, on the crags or on the water. Doing it at night though….well you don’t quite get to see the place quite as well, but I’ve lived here 3 years now, I’ve seen it quite a lot and it seemed like it’d be more of a challenge at night.

Myself and two friends from uni (Luke and Laura), headed down to Ullswater layered up with thermals and armed with head torches, glow sticks and our paddling gear. After getting kitted up, we climbed in to our kayaks and launched in to the lake, breaking it’s obsidian like surface in a landscape bathed in moonlight. On such a still night, each of our paddle strokes was silent as our kayaks carved through the smooth surface with just the slightest rushing noise as the water ran along the sides of our boats. We’d launched around about the middle of the lake and were paddling down towards Pooley Bridge, some 3 and a half miles of paddling with water for a hundred or so meters either side of us and dwarfed by the dark outlines of the surrounding hills against a clear sky. Even with the glowing lights of the various properties dotted along the lakeside, the middle was a profoundly lonely yet peaceful place to be, but a place where the company of friends is very much appreciated as opposed to being there alone.

Taking a kayak out at night really isn’t a great way to see any of the sights of the Lake District, but it really is a different way to experience them and one well worth doing, especially on such a calm night.

Finland 2010

Here’s a video that was made by us (Adventure & Media ’11, University of Cumbria) on our expedition back in April to Finland where we spent 4 days trekking through the Seitseminen National Park near Tampere. This should give you an idea of what we get up to.

Parkour IS sexy!

Parkour is sexy. ‘Nuff said.


Latex, squirting and neoprene.

Such an innocent sport with so many possible innuendos. Marvelous!

Martin Psych Up

Martin Hagan preparing to run Right Angle Falls, River Etive.

Miles Aira Beck

Miles Saunders running Aira Beck, Cumbria

Martin Right Angle

Martin Hagan running Right Angle Falls, River Etive

Bouldering at Beacon Edge

Here is the result of a bouldering session at Beacon Edge

Sarah Bouldering

Sarah Bouldering

Pete bouldering

Pete bouldering

Dom Bouldering

Dom Bouldering

Coniston Powerboating Week

A couple of my favourites from the Coniston Powerboating Week ’08. We were there from the 2nd until the 7th of November.

P1 Evolution as driven by Siegfried Greve and Gino Passchier

P1 Evolution as driven by Siegfried Greve and Gino Passchier

Ted Walsh's record breaking run.

Ted Walsh's record breaking run.

Gareth Williams on the P1 Hustler

Gareth Williams on the P1 Hustler

You can see more of my photos here

Have some seaside loving

Well I thought I’d best post some photo’s….seeing as it is a photography blog. So have something from the seaside. Although the Barbary Macaque doesn’t look like your normal costal resident, they are on the Rock of Gibraltar.

A Barbary Macaque at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar

A paddle in the sand on Llangennith beach.

Now a broken home.