The life and lies of Callum Stone


Street View

Wow! My permanent mark has been made upon the internet through the medium of Google Street View.  Yellow boat, red dry suit. Also there is Iain Robinson in the orange dry suit, Sean McGrath in the dark red dry suit and Miles Saunders in the grey dry suit.


It’s not sexism, it’s a social commentary.

She took me shopping. I lost count after 3 shops. I thought I’d better humour her though… who knows what it could have lead to.

By took me shopping, I don’t mean I’d been a good boy and it was some like special treat to me. Like most other men, being taken shopping is a similar kind of taken as beingqueue taken up the arse without consent.


Who can i be?

“Who can I be?” I thought to myself.

“Europe, possibly the most influential group of countries in the whole world. Yet still 30 years ago within several hundred miles of our own fair land, there were people who had never even heard the English language being spoken, let alone seen a british family. 20 years ago there was a wall dividing eastern and western germany, with the threat of another great war hanging over the heads of all Europeans. Nowadays if you’re in need of a clean toilet in pretty much any town in Europe, you’re guaranteed to be able to find it in a McDonalds or Burger King. That also seems to be becoming the way of the world. If Europe managed within 30 years to become just like Britain and America, what is there going to be left for me to see in the world? Or even for my children to see?



I let out a slight gasp of horror that quickly turned into a gasp of disappointment as it slipped from my grasp. As it fell in an almost graceful way, I could only imagine what could be running through its tiny mind as it hurtled earthbound. It pitched and rolled its way towards a sea of rolling black waves, to only just brush past them at the very last minute and continue its descent downwards. It carried on passed a gigantic wooden structure. The bright sun on its malleable black stalk illuminated it until it finally fell into the shadow of the wooden beast. As it hit the floor, a dull “thud” rang out and a spray of red lumps covered everything near by

I looked down, saddened by what I saw. “Shame” I thought to myself, “I was looking forward to eating that cheesecake”.

Welcome to the blog.

Well, welcome to my first ever blog. I’ve never actually written or kept a blog before, so there we go. I’ve now truly entered the modern age.

First of all, a little about myself. My name (as i’m sure you’ve seen by the sub-title) is Callum Stone. I’m currently in my first year of studying a BA in Adventure and Media at Newton Rigg through the University of Cumbria. The course, as the name suggests, is a media course that concentrates on adventure sports. As the next 3 years go on, you’ll hopefully get to see my photography improve and expand. Most of the photography that you’ll see on here will be adventure sports and a bit of wildlife as well, so please do keep checking up. I’ll be sure to keep it updated.

Ciao for now.