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A rather cheerful close to the day

As I walk, all around me things are catching my eye. My eyes dart to a striking Mohican reaching at least a foot into the air formed into 5 perfect black spikes.

As my eyes begin to drop I catch sight of a man who looks like he fell asleep at a party and several very talented yet drunk graffic artists got to work on his face.

They drop yet lower and onto the next person, a t-shirt that says something along the lines of “Look at my face when I talk, not my tits”. Well don’t fucking write stuff all over them then!



Some shots of the exciting variety

Well its been a while since i uploaded any new photos. And since getting a new laptop i’ve been able to get back up to date with all of my photography that was in such a mess due to a lack of time to be able to organise it all on a very very pants laptop…so here’s a few of my old shots i’ve managed to do some work on to wet your appetite to what else will be appearing soon.

Ali Keech in the Cairngorms

An unknown skier in Verbier

An unknown skier in Verbier

A Shot from the Cardiff parkour sessions

A shot from the Cardiff Parkour Sessions

Parkour IS sexy!

Parkour is sexy. ‘Nuff said.