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A Summer Selection

Here’s a quick selection of some of the shots I took whilst travelling this summer. Hopefully once I’ve got some spare time, i’ll be able to sit down, work through everything and actually put up a properly structured post. But in the mean-time, have some photos!



One Night in Pula

Our options were getting fewer and fewer. We had found out that by staying in the hostel would mean that we wouldn’t be able to get to the ferry port in time for our 7am check in for the Venezia Lines cat to Venice. It had occurred to us earlier in the trip that at some point we’d possibly have to sleep rough somewhere, Pula was a fairly nice city for it i suppose. Sleeping in the shadow of a Colesseum was another first for this trip, but what a place it was to sleep!

As sim got his head down to get some sleep for the evening, I got myself settled on a curb underneath a lamp that was bathing the dockside in a soft orange glow. Its always nice to be able to sit outside all night in just your t-shirt and shorts. That being said though, 8 hours sat on a curbside can get a little uncomfortable.

Caravanning for the Rich and Aimless

I honestly believe i’ve never been as close to dying as I was by the time I reached the top of Mount St. Giovani. Although we can’t have covered more than 2km and a few hundred meters in altitude, in thirty five degree heat it really was one of the hardest walks i’ve ever done. Enclosed by drystone walls and trees, no breeze touched the path we were on, and our surroundings radiated heat at us from all angles making it even worse. But of course, once you reach the top, the only way is down.