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Sunset on the Lleyn

Last weekend, I headed up to the Lleyn Peninsula with Madi and family for a bit of “get to know you time” with some and catch up time with others. Camping was as camping is. It rained, it winded (is that even a word? Should be), we had the sounds of dogs barking and babies crying, but of course there was plenty of drink to be had to soothe the senses. As our last full day came to a close, the wind dropped, the clouds started to part and a ray of sunshine peeped out and we felt warmth on us for the first time in what seemed like eons. Much to the annoyance of Madi, I got the camera out as soon as the prospect of a romantic beach walk began to loom over me like another black cloud. By the sounds of it, nice sunsets have been few and far between this summer in the UK. Just a few shots then spend some romantic time with the missus. Only fair I suppose, I’d not seen her in 6 weeks.