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What digging reveals.

I was having a hunt through my photography hard drive and discovered quite how much slips through the net when you’re looking for photos. After several months (or longer in some cases) of not seeing a set of photos, it’s amazing how much of a different light you might view some of them in. Photos you previously hadn’t liked or had thought weren’t suitable may suddenly jump out at you, or you may find some that need that extra touch up and then they’ll be ready. Either way, I found a few panoramics that for some reason I’ve never posted on my blog so thought it was best to pop them up here.

The shot above was taken whilst Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland in 2009 when we had a stunning bluebird day.



Scotland 2010

So there we were, in a lay-by in Glen Orchy. Nature had come calling and it was time I had to pull over to have a pee. I unzipped and started to let go, just as I started getting into the flow of it there came a rustling from in front of me. I don’t think i’ve ever shit myself quite that badly. In the faint light coming from the headlights of the car I see this deer stand bolt up-right and stare right at me. Now I could hardly tuck my willy away mid flow now could I, so what did I do? I stood there in terror as this magnificent beast stood only feet in front of me, my whole body tensed in reaction to being scared by it, in turn pretty much turning my dick blue as i squeezed it with fear.

A stunning view of the Isle of Rum from Glen Brittle on the Isle of Skye.

Our campsite was pretty much right at the foot of the famous Cuillin Ridge, yummy stuff!

Some shots of the exciting variety

Well its been a while since i uploaded any new photos. And since getting a new laptop i’ve been able to get back up to date with all of my photography that was in such a mess due to a lack of time to be able to organise it all on a very very pants laptop…so here’s a few of my old shots i’ve managed to do some work on to wet your appetite to what else will be appearing soon.

Ali Keech in the Cairngorms

An unknown skier in Verbier

An unknown skier in Verbier

A Shot from the Cardiff parkour sessions

A shot from the Cardiff Parkour Sessions

Latex, squirting and neoprene.

Such an innocent sport with so many possible innuendos. Marvelous!

Martin Psych Up

Martin Hagan preparing to run Right Angle Falls, River Etive.

Miles Aira Beck

Miles Saunders running Aira Beck, Cumbria

Martin Right Angle

Martin Hagan running Right Angle Falls, River Etive