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Dust and Goats

I was recently very lucky to be accepted on to a habitat identification course run by Operation New World to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. During the week that we were out there I met some absolutely fantastic people and made some brilliant friends and whilst the course ┬áhad it’s ups and downs, it really was worth it for the experience gained and friends made. Have some photos.

The view from Colderon Hondo



Starlings of Aberystwyth

Some shots taken whilst out for a stroll of the Starlings roosting under Aberystwyth Pier.


What digging reveals.

I was having a hunt through my photography hard drive and discovered quite how much slips through the net when you’re looking for photos. After several months (or longer in some cases) of not seeing a set of photos, it’s amazing how much of a different light you might view some of them in. Photos you previously hadn’t liked or had thought weren’t suitable may suddenly jump out at you, or you may find some that need that extra touch up and then they’ll be ready. Either way, I found a few panoramics that for some reason I’ve never posted on my blog so thought it was best to pop them up here.

The shot above was taken whilst Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland in 2009 when we had a stunning bluebird day.


Sunset on the Lleyn

Last weekend, I headed up to the Lleyn Peninsula with Madi and family for a bit of “get to know you time” with some and catch up time with others. Camping was as camping is. It rained, it winded (is that even a word? Should be), we had the sounds of dogs barking and babies crying, but of course there was plenty of drink to be had to soothe the senses. As our last full day came to a close, the wind dropped, the clouds started to part and a ray of sunshine peeped out and we felt warmth on us for the first time in what seemed like eons. Much to the annoyance of Madi, I got the camera out as soon as the prospect of a romantic beach walk began to loom over me like another black cloud. By the sounds of it, nice sunsets have been few and far between this summer in the UK. Just a few shots then spend some romantic time with the missus. Only fair I suppose, I’d not seen her in 6 weeks.


A Scandanavian paradise

During our recent trip to Finland, we decided that an itch in the form of Scandanavian paddling really did need to be scratched. Here are some of the shots taken whilst out paddling and from the island we set up camp on that evening.

The best way to see Scandanavia.

One of the many wild inhabitants of our tiny paradise.

Walking on water.

The perfect end to a perfect day.

Sunsets from home.

Sunset over the Llyn Peninsula.

Sunset over the Llyn Peninsula.

Here are a couple of photo’s I took this summer of the sun setting over Cardigan Bay.

Fisherman on Northbeach

Fisherman on Northbeach