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A Summer Selection

Here’s a quick selection of some of the shots I took whilst travelling this summer. Hopefully once I’ve got some spare time, i’ll be able to sit down, work through everything and actually put up a properly structured post. But in the mean-time, have some photos!



The Not so Grand Zeybeck, Izmir.

When you arrive somewhere well after midnight, you tend not to be too bothered about where you stay, only that you find a bed for the night and you can get some rest. The hotel we had been directed towards for a fairly cheap yet good quality nights sleep in Izmir really did look posh! Marble floors, several leather couches in the lobby, an elaborately carved wooden corner piece to the reception desk, and a fish tank! This place even had fish! Really posh! The price we paid for our rooms was a bit of a rip off, but at the time all we could think about was getting a bed, and besides, it was only one night


Wrong Place, Wrong Time

“Look for the green roof! If you can’t see a massive green wavy roof, you’re in the wrong place!” Apparently she couldn’t see a green wavy roof, I couldn’t understand how she couldn’t, but she couldn’t. “OK, well meet us by the 5 huge flags” “Which five huge flags?” “The really big ones!” She couldn’t see those either. After recommending every point of reference I could find, I started to think what was only previously a joke, “Maybe she is at a different airport?”.