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Summer on the Reserve

Well what a great summer it’s been! There’s been bombs, bees, washed up whales (but that one was a hoax) and lots and lots of tourists! No two days were ever the same whilst working down at Ynyslas NNR. I think it must be something engrained in to the human psyche where if you get to call working outdoors during one of the best summers in memory, it really doesn’t feel like a proper job. There was never such thing as an average day. Some days you’d find yourself out surveying rare reptiles, others you’ll be digging a hole to bury whatever cetacean decided to beach itself and die on that particular day, and then others you have to deal with the tourists. Oh so many tourists! You’ll always get the awkward ones, but I can honestly say that before this summer, I’ve never had the pleasure of working with such a fantastically diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds, and there’s nothing more rewarding than the moment someone comes up to you after having given a talk with genuine excitement for the subject you’ve been talking about, and a desire to learn more.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. Here’s a few shots from the summer. More to come.




Skomer, take 2

Luckily I’ve got a good friend that has the very enviable job of being head warden of Skomer Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire. With this being the case, if I’m in need of getting away from the main land for a while, Skomer proves to be the perfect retreat to have a change in pace of life. As I did last year, I’ve recently been back out their again around seal pupping to have a bit of a chill and live without theĀ inconveniencesĀ that come with modern life. Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end but I definitely hope to head back out there soon. Here’s a few shots to make you go “Awww”.


A taste of island life.

This week I had the opportunity to stay on Skomer Island as a good friend of mine is the head warden there. It’s not really an offer a sane person would turn down, so of course I went! What an incredible few days it was, just from walking around the island and seeing common song birds, to getting a brief insight into the research done on the migratory sea birds that breed on the island. Anyway, here is a selection of shots from the last few days. I’ll write something decent up soon, it’s been a long day though so I’ll keep it simple and stick to the photos for now

An example of how tame the resident rabbits are with no land predators.